Our Services

MnM Teknologies has an array of IT services it provides to help improve the day to day operations of our cherished clients; Website and general site management, Web Apps Development, Desktop and Server Side Applications, Graphic Designing and Mobile Apps Development.

Web Development

Website, Web Apps Development and General Site Management are one of the core services we offer to our cherished clients. We provide Content Management Systems to all these so that your work is much easier to handle. After a full system's analysis has been carried out on your needs, we give you a timeline and a reasonable budget so you can feel in control of your very own project.

Desktop/Server Side Applications

In need of that robust, easy to use and efficient Desktop/Server Side Application to run your business? Talk to us to get the job done! Whether your business requirement demands a system to run on a personal computer, workstation or server, after a thorough analysis has been done, be rest assured that we have a solution to your requirements. For this reason, we focus mainly on functionality, GUI and security!

E-Voting Services

Electronic Voting is a modern means of conducting elections via electronic means other than the traditional paper ballot system. We aid various organizations, groups and institutions to conduct peaceful and transparent elections via our robust and excellent E-voting software. With an excellent track record in the business, we aim to satisfy our clients(organizations, religious groups,secondary, tertiary and business institutions, associations) with the very best of services as far as elections are concerned. With MnM TEKNOLOGIES LTD. election results are instant because of the automated counting process.

Graphic Designing

Design is important to marketing and selling products. So for all your digital designs, advertisements, brochures, magazines and corporate branding items, events invitation cards, letterheads, flexy banners, business cards, logos, posters, site ad images, citations and what have you, we give you quality services you deserve. Simply send us a request on the type of product you prefer in this category and we'll gladly respond to your request. Our team of designers will work closely with you to promote that business you own with that touch of colour, text effects and shades!

App Development

The global village we live in now is going wild with mobile and web applications! Business are created each day with a single purpose; to dominate and sustain the market! A simple, yet intelligent software application on your mobile hanfset can make a great difference in your business. Whether it's for business, pleasure, education or health related, one way to ensure that applications show optimum performance on a given device is to develop the application (app) natively on that device; which is why we provide you mobile apps in either android or iOS platforms so you have the convenience of managing your business anywhere on the go!

Computer Networking

Whether it is networking your home, office, lab or school, computer networking allows accessibility for the people to share their files easily. This greatly helps the people in saving their time and effort since they could already share some of the important files they need to share with other people effectively and accordingly. We will assist you to enjoy communication, data sharing, instant and multiple accesses, broad casting, back up and recovery. It is flexible and saves cost. Our team is equipped with the topology knowledge and networking strategies that meet both small and large organizations.